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"I call the guides Study Guide to Wheelock, and have made them available for free use to anyone who'd like use them. I think the answer to your question, therefore, is Yes. I sent them up so they could get some good beta-testing. So far as I'm conncerned they can be copied and sent anywhere".

"This tutorial introduces SQL as a query language". E' meglio perĂ² leggerlo in inglese.


Per somministrare questionari online: "Intelligent survey software for serious primates of all species. SurveyMonkey has a single purpose: to enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily"


"Intrastructure is not a great word, I know, but it is useful to have a bag into which we can put things and carry it around with a single handle": Tutto da studiare.

Giovanni Bergamin Segnalibro2005
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